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       Looking out from the Center photo - N.Martinez

       photo - K.Williams

photo - K.Williams
The Loretto Spirituality Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Loretto.  The Loretto Community has a long tradition of education which includes teaching school subjects, responsible citizenship and dedication to the common good.  Most important is the instilling of the Gospel values of mercy, justice, compassion and the care for the neighbor near and far.  

The Loretto Center was originally built in 1964 as a novitiate and Western provincial house for young Loretto sisters.  In 1993, the Sisters opened the Spirituality Center here to share their home with people seeking a comfortable space for retreats, conferences and workshops.   Today the Center is no longer a novitiate.  However,  in addition to the Spirituality Center, the building continues to be home to a number of Sisters of Loretto and houses the Loretto Community executive offices.  In keeping with the Loretto Community tradition of education, the building also houses the Havern School.  

Situated at the top of a hill on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, the Loretto Spirituality Center offers views of the mountains as well as of Lake Marston, paths to walk, benches for rest and reflection, and an outdoor labyrinth.  

The Hawk at Loretto photo K.Williams
photo - K.Williams

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                             Snowy path  photo - N.Martinez

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Tulips photo N.Martinez