Two of the guest rooms.
We have 24 overnight rooms with 28 total beds.

Meeting Rooms
Stuart Room: The Center's
large meeting room, the Stuart Room, will seat 50-55 people and has wireless internet access. 
                              The room measures 30 ft by 60 ft.

Stuart Room - Center                                                                                               Stuart Room - Corner

The Library, located on the second floor of the Center, is a slightly smaller meeting room and accommodates up to 30 people. 
                            This room is 25 ft by 31 ft.

The Library 

The Sunset Room is the smallest meeting room, with space to accommodate 10 people.

The Sunset Room

The chapel, complete with mountain views, is located on the second floor of the Center and is available  to groups and individuals.
                                                                                View from the Chapel                                                  Entering the Chapel

Food Service
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available in the dining room at the Spirituality Center on a daily basis and are incorporated into the cost of your retreat.  The Spirituality Center does not supply snacks, but you may bring your own.  Alcoholic beverages are not served  by the Spirituality Center, however, guests or groups may bring their own.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dining Room
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